Upcoming Special Events

Now playing via Virtual Cinema through Thursday, 4/9. FANTASTIC FUNGI is a vivid journey into the mysterious subterranean world of mycelium and its fruit—the mushroom.
Now playing via Virtual Cinema through Thursday, 4/9. Anchored by a dynamic performance from newcomer Bartosz Bielenia, CORPUS CHRISTI is an incisive, darkly humorous, and engrossing exploration of faith, second chances and the possibility of atonement.
Now playing via Virtual Cinema through Thursday, 4/9. Miko Revereza, who's lived in the United States illegally for over 20 years, takes the Amtrak train from Los Angeles to New York in this vital, experimental documentary.
Now playing via Virtual Cinema through Thursday, 4/16. A film of deeply concentrated beauty, acclaimed filmmaker Pedro Costa’s VITALINA VARELA stars a nonprofessional actor in an extraordinary performance based on her own life.
Courtroom drama meets political thriller in this outstanding adaptation of the international bestselling novel by Ferdinand von Schirach.
Sun, 5/24

First Run Films - Coming Soon

First run films that are “coming soon” may not have a set release date. Tickets may not be available for “coming soon” films.
In post-WWII Leningrad, two women, intensely bonded after fighting side by side as anti-aircraft gunners, attempt to readjust to a haunted world.
Kelly Reichardt once again trains her perceptive and patient eye on the Pacific Northwest, this time evoking an authentically hardscrabble early nineteenth century way of life.
Written and directed by Eliza Hittman (BEACH RATS, IT FELT LIKE LOVE), the film is an intimate portrayal of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support.
Hired to steal a rare painting from one of the most enigmatic painters of all time, an ambitious art dealer becomes consumed by his own greed and insecurity as the operation spins out of control.
THE TRAITOR tells the true story of Tommaso Buscetta, the man who brought down the Cosa Nostra.
Legends of French cinema Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche join masterful filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda (Shoplifters, Still Walking) to paint a moving portrait of family dynamics.
The classic story of Peter Pan is wildly reimagined in this ragtag epic from Benh Zeitlin, director of BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD.