Upcoming Special Events

Frederick Wiseman profiles the American Ballet Theatre in rehearsal in their New York studio and on tour in Athens and Copenhagen. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi (FREE SOLO, MERU) speaks with Wiseman in an exclusive post-film discussion.
When an unlikely duo discovers a pattern of illegal sterilizations in women’s prisons, they wage a near impossible battle against the Department of Corrections. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
Frederick Wiseman's CITY HALL shows the efforts by Boston city government to provide police, fire, sanitation, veterans affairs, elder support, parks, licensing of various professional activities, recordkeeping of birth, marriage and death, as well as hundreds of other activities that support Boston residents and visitors.
In this touching drama from director Wayne Wang (THE JOY LUCK CLUB), A Korean-American man attempts to prepare a traditional Korean New Year’s Eve dinner for his ailing mother.
Opens Wednesday, 11/4. HOSPITAL shows the daily activities of the Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem, New York City, with emphasis on the emergency ward and outpatient clinics. Directors Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady (JESUS CAMP, DETROPIA) speak with Wiseman in an exclusive post-film discussion.
A carpenter struggles to move beyond his troubled past when he returns to his hometown in rural Vermont to mend relationships and finds solace in building a log cabin by hand.
Adapted from the novel by Jack London and set in an unspecified moment in Italy’s history, MARTIN EDEN is a passionate and enthralling narrative fresco in the tradition of the great Italian classics. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
A report on the National Black Political Convention held in Gary, Indiana, in 1972, a historic event that gathered voices from across the political spectrum. Directed by William Greaves, don't miss this vital film, restored and presented for the first time in its original 80-minute version.
Explore the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
Opens Wednesday, 10/28. Frederick Wiseman shows the routine activities of the diplomats and electronics technicians who operate the early warning system used to help facilitate the disengagement between Egypt and Israel after the 1973 war. Director Errol Morris (THE THIN BLUE LINE, THE FOG OF WAR) speaks with Wiseman in an exclusive post-film discussion.
In this dark comedy, awkward telemarketer Martha Plant lives a lonely existence burying treasure and eating split pea soup. When she meets Sadie, who has multiple personalities, she discovers having three friends in one may be more than she can handle. 
The amazing, untold story of Boston's radical underground radio station WBCN-FM, set against the dazzling and profound social, political, and cultural changes of the late 1960s and early 70s.
X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse, The Clash, and more feature in WHITE RIOT, exploring the British protest movement Rock Against Racism which used multicultural punk and reggae gigs as rallying points for resistance. A New York Times Critic's Pick!