Inquiring Nuns

61 mins.
Directed by Gordon Quinn & Gerald Temaner

Playing through Thursday, March 18th.

  • Platform:  Amherst Cinema via Agile Ticketing
  • Ticket price:  Free to Amherst Cinema Members, $10.75 for non-Members
  • Watch window:  Your ticket unlocks the film for vieiwng between March 5 and March 18
  • How to watch:  Through the internet browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone

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Two young nuns explore Chicago, from a supermarket to the Art Institute and in front of churches on Sunday, confronting people with the crucial question, "Are you happy?"

One of the earliest examples of Kartemquin co-founders Gordon Quinn and Gerald Temaner’s exploration into the world of cinéma vérité, INQUIRING NUNS captures the attitudes, fears, and dreams of everyday Chicagoans, giving audiences and researchers insight into the political and social climate of 1960’s Chicago.

The film’s music is composed by Philip Glass in his first credited film score, released and restored for its 50th Anniversary.